Choosing your networking scope

Choosing your networking scope |

To make your networking as relevant as possible, it.s necessary to understand how far away you are willing to meet colleagues.

Here's how it works

  • First, let us know your work address. You can enter it manually or allow Google to automatically find you.
  • By default, we assume happy meeting employees from all around the word. If this is not the case, toggle the green switch to the off position. This will open the map editor.
  • Use the scroll bar to select a distance scope that matches your needs.
  • Select whether to keep introductions in your state and(or) in your country.

Helpful reminder: In addition to your mileage scope, you may also select individual cities of interest. We will include these cities in your acceptable geographic scope limitations.

FYI- While we will always attempt to provide fantastic introductions within your geographic scope, please note that these settings should be viewed as guidelines. Occasionally, introductions from outside of these limitations are possible.

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