How do I post/edit a Lead?

Posting & Editing a Lead is simple. Remember, Leads are visible to all members of your community and should be kept detailed and concise.

Helpful reminder: Your Lead posts should focus on a single topic and contain enough information for members to judge their ability to help, follow-up or inquire. Utilizing attachments is highly recommended as a means convey more detail.

Here is how you post a New Lead to the Leads Billboard:

  1. Select the Leads Tab from the task bar.
  2. In the Leads Billboard make sure to select “Tag this post as a” button
  3. Scroll through your communities available Leads Tags and select an appropriate Lead Type.
  4. Use the Text Box to compose your message.
  5. Use the Paper Clip icon to upload any attachments with your message
  6. Click Post

Here is how you Edit a Lead you already posted:

  1. Select the Leads Tab from the task bar
  2. Use the Sort By: dropdown to filter the Leads Billboard by post made by You
  3. Use the Edit button within your Lead to open the edit mode
  4. Make the necessary changes, then click Save

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