How do I respond to a Lead?

Responding to a fellow member.s Lead is a fantastic way to engage with your community. Here you can explore new opportunities or help answer pressing questions! Responding to a Lead is accomplished using our .in-mail. messaging system

Here is how you respond to a Lead:

Note: A Leads Type can quickly be identified by the tag in the upper right-hand corner of the Lead post.

  1. Use the Sort By: dropdown to organize your Leads Billboard. This will quickly let you sort by the different Lead Types i.e., Offers, Needs, Questions, Updates.
  2. Once you located the Lead you are interested in, click the Message icon/button below the Lead.
  3. The .in-mail. messaging system will open and prefill the original leads message.
  4. Type in your response. You can also use the paperclip icon to upload any attachments.
  5. Don.t forget to click Send!

Helpful reminder: Personal contact information is NOT shared on the Leads Billboard. All members who view and (or) respond to a Lead post must utilize the in-mail messenger and exchange contact details voluntarily.

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