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Leverage the value of B2B networking! Let Zenvoy integrate your brand directly into your customer’s business development channels.


Choose your ad’s audience

Zenvoy is a business matchmaking platform that, like a dating site, introduces people who should meet. Users of our platform join private networking communities with the intent to cultivate valuable 1-on-1 connections that are a good fit for their business or social interests. Learn more about Zenvoy.

Zenvoy communities primarily focus on the service provider industries such as accounting, finance, hospitality, legal, management, medical and other business disciplines.

Scope - Zenvoy communities cover 28 unique verticals Range - Select B2B prospects from our 15+ million users Target - Select prospects by skill, service, age, etc.

Pick your ad’s location

The Zenvoy platform incorporates the organizational identity of our association, corporate and event communities. We integrate your ad into their community’s identity in 3 unique ways...

Desktop - Your audience will visit a personal on-line portal with each new introduction, post or message. From here, they will view your ad 3-4 times/month. Mobile - Many of your audience members will prefer to rely on push notifications from their mobile devices. With each new push they will view your ad 3-4 times/month. Direct Email - Notification emails remain the single most reliable means of reaching your audience, your ad will appear in their inbox 5-10 times/month.

Build your ad

Once you’re happy with your audience and ad location(s), it’s time to build your message. Here are Zenvoy’s ad options:

Size - Ads placed throughout Zenvoy communities may be 300px (w) × 300px (h) or 300px (w) × 600px (h). Formats - Ads may be photos (.JPG, .PNG) or videos (YouTube, .MPEG, .GIF) Duration - Ads are displayed in monthly time blocks including: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months. Price - Ad price is determined on the audience type and ad duration.

Measure your success

Once your ad is running, you can track its performance within your selected community. Change your ad at any time to see which versions resonate with your audience.

Views - Track how many members see your ad on our web platform, mobile and email correspondence. Clicks - Understand how many people are actually engaging with your message.

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