Onboard and orient new members of your team

Let Zenvoy’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools help you establish an onboarding process that leads to bliss, job satisfaction, and long-term employee retention. Connect your new-hires with the resources they need to feel confident. Facilitate meaningful discussions, strategic introductions and valuable team-building.

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Why use Zenvoy for your new-hire onboarding?

Give your employees the information and enthusiasm they deserve. Provide strategic opportunities for your new employees to build key relationships within your company stating day-1!

Zenvoy is an A.I.-powered employee knowledge, engagement and community platform that introduces compatible team members who will benefit from meeting and exchanging their experience. Whether to support team-building, best practice sharing, or career development, Zenvoy creates the bonds that empower increased engagement and employee productivity! Whether you’re looking for a full-blown online community, or just a few great introductions we have the tools to meet your needs.

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Best Practices:

Organize team-building introductions between your more senior leaders and new hires. Share those vital tips and tricks that save time.

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Allow everyone’s voices to be heard. Provide an A.I. experience that connects employees with meaning inside your company.

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Bring your new employees into the decision-making process. Encourage ideation and uncover the issues that are most pressing.

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Team Building:

85% of Zenvoy customers agree, using Watercoolers and A.I. introductions dramatically improved their new-hire’s happiness!

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Bring your people closer together through algorithmic networking

Use today’s premier engagement software to unlock your organization’s true potential.

Design your own employee introduction algorithms.

Let Zenvoy do the heavy lifting. Easily customize our powerful A.I. matching algorithms to introduce your employees how, and when you need.

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Engage your talent pool in our A.I. Watercooler discussions.

Automatically group talent from across your organization to quickly brainstorm the key topics, questions or problems at hand...it’s easy!

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Create powerful team-building communities, tools & more!

Whether you’re looking for a full-blown online community, or just a few great introductions we have the tools to meet your needs.

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Bringing Cigna’s ERGs together around the virtual watercooler

"In these unprecedented times of social distancing, Cigna’s ability to connect remote colleagues across the company was impaired. Zenvoy’s tools provide our teams with the unique opportunity to create thoughtful connections that solve the company’s key strategic needs."

Jaime Hegeman Project Manager, Cigna

Powering a virtual turnaround management network using Zenvoy’s artificial intelligence

"We have thousands of members spread across the globe. With Zenvoy, it’s nice to know we are providing a tangible value-add designed with the sole purpose of helping our members generate deal-flow!"

Matthew Switzer Director of Marketing and Communications

University of Southern California alums hungry for business development opportunity!

"We need to continuously think of ways to engage our alumni around the world. Zenvoy’s Linkage introductions help grow our alumni base’s professional networking sphere in a meaningful way - adding instant value to our Network!"

Guillermina Molina Sr. Director, Alumni Affairs and Marshall Fund

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